Accelerated Programs

Accelerated Programs | Wellington


Through Literacy your child’s imagination will grow while experiencing new adventures. Your child will learn to identify real life connections between words and their use. The children will learn an array of advanced vocabulary. Through books they will be comparing and contrasting the experiences of characters in familiar stories. They will verbally create their own story while looking at a picture book. Children will identify the author’s purpose or moral of the story. Finally, your child will create their very own book!


Children will work on advanced mathematical thinking through a variety of quantitative problems. Your child will understand addition and subtraction as putting together and taking away using objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, money, sounds, acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations. Through objects in the environment children will identify shapes and describe their spatial relationships. They will be able to identify and describe basic two-dimensional shapes, as well as three-dimensional shapes. Children will learn to describe and compare measurable characteristics of an object, such as length or weight.


Through different experiments children will learn about Density, Sink or Float, Gravity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Water Soluble Matter, and Weather. Each day the children will participate in a different science experiment; they will discuss the hypothesis, procedures, observation, and conclusion. The children will make drawings of their observations and make charts to collect their data. As a group they will discuss their findings. They will learn firsthand how we use science every day.


Children will learn Spanish through Songs, Vocabulary, and simple Conversation. The children will learn playful songs, nursery rhymes, and songs that teach calendar and colors. Each lesson will contain vocabulary of their surroundings and everyday language. They will learn how to say hello and to introduce themselves to a friend. By the end of the program your child will be able to have a back and forth conversations with the teacher.


English Speakers of Other Languages 

We will begin with simple concepts such as letters and numbers translating them from Spanish to English. They will learn the sounds of each letter. The children will learn vocabulary from their surroundings in the classroom and everyday language. By the end of the class they will learn basic sight words and have a more enhanced vocabulary.