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Our Approach To Teaching

Our Approach to Teaching

Our belief at Academy of Little Learners is that learning has to be fun for your child! And that fun coupled with parental involvement, significant teacher-child interaction and a small group environment using a developmentally designed curriculum is best for early childhood development. Beginning at three years of age we measure your child’s development by assessing and monitoring their learning gains. This is what your child could do at the beginning of the year and this is what they know at the end of the year. We communicate with you on a regular basis your child’s developmental progress on an individual basis and as compared to other children.

Parental Involvement and Communications

Academy of Little Learners emphasizes a strong partnership with our parents.

This is accomplished through several methods including frequent emails, written progress reports, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences and Class Dojo. We encourage involvement with our parents through periodic events, trips, and literary experiences where we ask the parents to attend and participate. Make your child feel special and enthusiastic about their learning experience. Participate and play a role!

Staff and Teachers

Our programs are implemented by a caring, nurturing, highly trained, devoted, and qualified staff, including a degreed and certified early learning teacher who oversees curriculum and class plans. The primary concern of our staff is the well-being of your child and to see that your child enjoys age-appropriate learning experiences, acquiring all the skills and confidence needed to master a more structured future educational environment. Parents are encouraged to speak personally to their child’s teacher before class or during pick-up.

Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum was written by early childhood educators and is grounded in the most up to date research and theory. Our curriculum enriches the lives of young children through a wide range of materials tailored to particular age groups, toddlers, twos, and pre-schoolers, and is focused on specific interest areas including literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology. Creative Curriculum is organized to address how children learn and develop , the optimum structure of the classroom and learning environment, teaching strategies, teacher-child interaction and the benefits of developing a partnership with the family.

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