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Infants and Toddlers

This program includes a variety of activities that build on the toddler’s natural curiosity and enhance the child’s social development. Our Toddler Curriculum reflects the developmental milestones common to toddlers twelve to twenty four months. These milestones are posted in your child’s classroom for your review. To encourage the toddler’s natural desire to explore, opportunities are provided daily for indoor and outdoor activities, weather permitting. Some activities are staff directed and some are toddler directed.


Academy of Little Learners Pre-School Program utilizes age appropriate activities that will enhance your child’s social and developmental abilities. These include Language Development, Imagination Centers, Drama, Manipulative, Computers, Kidsersize, Music and Motion, Field Trips (ages 4 and up), Hands-On Science, Cooking Experience, and a Developmental Curriculum.

Our program provides activities that support the development of positive self-esteem and attitude toward learning. The children are recognized as individuals with varying levels of abilities and their own unique learning style. They are given choices from a variety of individual and small groups learning activities that are relevant to their daily lives.

Kindergarten Prep

The Kindergarten Prep Program at Academy of Little Learners provides a basic educational foundation for future educational experiences, particularly math and science. The primary emphasis is to help get your child prepared for elementary school. Teachers encourage Kindergarten children to be expressive and extend language by asking open-ended questions and providing a print-rich environment. Children are provided integrated activities that meet their gross/fine motor, socio-emotional, thinking and receptive/expressive language skills. They are recognized as individuals with varying levels of abilities and their own unique learning style.

Voluntary Kindergarten

Our state funded VPK program is a three hour block of concentrated instruction with smaller class size and lower rates. Inquire of the Director about eligibility requirements and times offered.

Accelerated Programs

Academy of Little Learners offers Accelerated Programs in Literacy, Math, Science, Spanish, ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) for those Pre-K/VPK students seeking a stronger start into kindergarten.

After School

Our “STARS” Program (“Student Tudor and Recreational Series”) provides safe and secure after school care for the elementary school child. Transportation is provided to and from local elementary schools. The after-school program features social, recreational and physical activities including fantastic park days and sports games such as soccer and basketball. Come see our new on site outdoor basketball court and covered picnic area. In addition, we provide a separate homework/computer/library center for those wishing to finish homework, explore computer fun, or just curl up with a good book. We also offer our children old time popcorn and snow cones in the afternoon as a fun snack, as well as Wii computer game.

Summer Camp

Academy of Little Learners also offers a great summer camp experience through our Camp Adventure with daily field trips to provide children stimulating physical, educational and cultural activity under the supervision of our professional camp counselors allowing for safe and fun experiences.

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