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We are pleased that you are considering ACADEMY OF LITTLE LEARNERS to be your partner in the care and education of your child. Our commitment is to provide your child with the best in education and childcare. We are very proud of our accreditation by “Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment” (APPLE) and our “Gold Seal” status. APPLE accreditation is nationally recognized for excellence in pre-school education.

Pre-School Curriculum

Three Year Old Program

The school day has a emphasized concentration on enriched language. The children are exposed to a variety of written materials and reading experiences. Through Literacy students learn to recognize lower and uppercase letters, start to form letters, and identify sounds. They are exposed to Mathematical concepts such as counting, numerical relations, and arithmetic reasoning skills. The students will focus on Physical Development; fine motor skills of cutting, writing, and tactile learning each day and gross motor skills of movement, balance and physical coordination. Little Learners will build a sense of self and master independence in many areas to empower your child.

Four Year Old Program

Academy of Little Learners creates the foundation for avid readers and writers at the earliest stages. We prepare our four year olds with a Curriculum that consists of Literacy which includes Phonological Awareness, Print Knowledge, and Oral Language. Students work on letter recognition, lower and uppercase, formation of letters, identifying sounds, and being exposed to solid reading skills. Mathematics measure early numeracy skills across three different areas: counting, numerical relations, and arithmetic reasoning skills. We will continue to work on Physical Development, fine motor skills; cutting, writing, and tactile learning and gross motor skills; movement, balance, and physical coordination.  Academy of Little Learners teach in way that matches how children develop and learn in an enriched language environment.

Parent Communication

Academy of Little Learners emphasizes a strong partnership with our parents.

This is accomplished through several methods including frequent emails, written progress reports, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences and Class Dojo.

We encourage involvement with our parents through periodic events, and literary experiences where we ask the parents to attend and participate. Make your child feel special and enthusiastic about their learning experience. Participate and play a role!

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